Are Tom Coughlin Days Numbered?

  How much longer will Tom Coughlin remain as the head coach of the Giants? This is the first time since 1976 the Giants have started 0-6 and that same year ended with a 3-11 record.  The Giants won’t keep Coughlin around too much longer if they keep losing like this.   From what I see, it’s almost as if the whole team has given up.   I see no life in them at all during any game.   Eli Manning has done wonderful things in the past along with Coughlin; they have won two super bowls together in 2007 and 2012.  Now the Giants just look like a complete joke.  They are ranked 20th in total offense and already have over 21 turnovers…more than the 21 for all of 2012 season.  The Giants have beaten that dismal statistic within the first six games of the season.  They are, ranked 24th in total defense, when just two seasons ago during their Super Bowl run they were ranked 8th in total offense and 6th in total defense.  So I ask what happened? What I believe is the problem is the team just doesn’t believe in Tom Coughlin anymore.  They just don’t have the same attitude and drive like previous years, The defensive line isn’t as elite as it use to be the offensive line is just flat-out bad which turns into not having a running game even though David Wilson does himself no justice by fumbling all the time and If Eli Manning keeps regressing in a couple of years his time may come and his reign may end.


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