College Football Crazy Upsets

This week so far in college football has been the week of upsets, Here is a recap of each upset:

#25 Missouri 41  #7 Georgia 26

The first upset I would love to talk about is Missouri beating Georgia, Did anyone see this coming? I know for a fact I never thought Missouri would beat Georgia, but here’s why Missouri dominated for most of the game on both sides. Georgia has injuries that have finally caught up with them, from the stud running back Todd Gurley to the other star running back Keith Marshall and three of their best wide outs and with all these guys out you have very little to no chance of winning. So it’s pretty clear to see why Georgia struggled on offense. You need to also give credit where credit is due and that’s Missouri defensive line they had pressure on Aaron Murray all game long. The freshman quarterback Maty Mauk took over at quarterback for Missouri in the 4th quarter after James Franklin had a shoulder injury he did a very good job managing the game and not cracking under pressure, None the less Missouri put the nation on notice that they are coming for the SEC.

Texas 36   #12 Oklahoma 20

This game was a classic Big 12 match up, with Mack Brown being on the hot seat he needed this win under his belt to give him some breathing room, This Texas team that came out this game and just played lights out through all four quarters hasn’t played like this at all the whole season, this seems like a new team on a mission and ready to actually play Texas football. Case McCoy had a pretty decent game but the play of the game was the big defensive tackle Chris Whaley making a huge play by getting an interception then returning it 31 yards for a touchdown.

Wisconsin 35   #19 Northwestern 6

This was an expected upset to me, We all know how good Wisconsin can be but just never showcase it on the field, and with Melvin Gordon rushing for 172 yards on 22 carries and Joel Stave throwing for 241 yards with 3 touchdowns, there was no stopping them this game, even though Northwestern isn’t that bad they could have put up more of a fight then what they did, seems like they gave more effort last week against ranked #4 Ohio State then against Wisconsin.

Utah 27   #5 Stanford 21

A decent Pac 12 match up, Stanford was projected to win this game with ease, they were 5-0 and 3-0 in the conference looking to take down Oregon on November 7th and hope to get into the Nation Championship game, but that all got cut short with this lost to Utah, Stanford was out played and man handled throughout the game. Utah defense was just phenomenal at the end of the game when they needed to come through in the clutch.

Penn State 43   #18 Michigan 40

This game was by far the best game of the day, it went back and forth throughout the game and finally ended in the 4th overtime with a rushing touchdown Bill Belton. Michigan came into this game undefeated even though they struggled many games before this and should have lost a couple, they played a very good game today Devin Gardner looked good in the pocket and made some good passes, but Penn state is the story here, from the clutch pass from Christian Hackenberg to Allen Robinson for 33-yards which got the ball down to the 1 with 29 seconds left in the game and the freshman quarter back runs it in for 1 yard touchdown. in the 3rd overtime Penn state fumbles the ball on a wide receiver reverse which gives the ball to Michigan with only needing a field goal to end this game but the kicker Brendan Gibbons missed a 33-yard field goal attempt wide left. which took this game into its 4th overtime Michigan gets down the field enough to kick a field goal which makes its 40-37 with the ball going back to Penn State and on a 3rd and 8 Michigan gets a pass interference in the end zone which puts the ball on the 2-yard line for Penn state and a fresh set of downs, and the very next play Bill Belton runs to the left for a 2-yard touchdown which ends the game.


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