NFL Week 6 Takeaways

Today in the NFL we had a couple good match ups the first subject I would love to talk about are the Texans, This team has the potential to just be flat-out great but the one thing that is holding them back is Matt Schaub he’s been holding them back for many years now and it’s really time to move forward from him and Tj Yates is no better he comes into the game after Matt Schaub sprains his ankle, and he just comes into the game and throws two pick even one for a touchdown just like Matt Schaub has done the previous four games. Some people have made a very strong case on why Case Keenum should be the starter from here on out, and im starting to agree with it. This kid Case was very good at Houston when he played under Kevin Sumlin (current head coach for Texas A&M) he put up some big time numbers and at this point the Texans don’t have much of a choice.

Kansas City Defense is still elite they piled up 10 sacks, they are coming for the AFC West division title, Andy Reid has turned this team around from last year big time , with the addition of Alex Smith their offense is looking very good with a Pro Bowler running back Jamal Charles, this team is no team to take lightly.

Peyton Manning and the Broncos actually looked like humans today against the worse team in the league, but I assume the Broncos took this game lightly as it seems like they didn’t even at times, but when you take the worse teams for granted those games can be the upset games.When needed though Peyton and the crew took charge and took over the game, Peyton is still the likely MVP of the season so far.

Tom Brady……. I don’t even know where to begin, The organization does a very good job by picking up these steals through free agents and draft. Kenbrell Thompkins if some of you may not know of him but soon you will, He was an undrafted free agent and picked up by the Patriots and after a strong pre-season he made the roster and he is still making a house hold name for himself. Tom Brady got into a shoot out with Drew Brees and it was a good one. Tom threw a heroic pass to Kenbrell in the endzone with 5-seconds left in the game and Kenbrell pulls downs a difficult catch with ease for the touchdown and gives the Patriots a win to move them to 5-1.


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