Rob Gronkowski Update

This is big news for the Patriots, and not a better time for him to be cleared because of reports saying some of his own teammates last week started questioning him and wondering why he is practicing,  but not playing in games. Rob can’t help how his body heals or how long it takes, it’s not easy to come back from a back procedure and  his 4th forearm surgery all within a year, and he wants to make sure he is fully healthy to return to his elite self. If the Patriots let him play against the jets, this would help them dramatically because the jets defense is no joke they are ranked 4th in total defense even though earlier this season the Patriots beat the Jets but things have changed since then so this is a pretty big deal for the Patriots. Another group that will be happy Gronk is back are fantasy owners with him missing all these weeks and putting up no points many fantasy owners are very mad with him right now and he has ruined many owners chances of winning a league if anyone drafted him.



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