Who Will Take The Last Shot?

In the latest poll by ESPN The Magazine has asked 26 anonymous active NBA players, and it just so happens none of them want LeBron to take the last shot and only three would want Kobe over LeBron and Jordan. He fired back at these anonymous players saying “Players in our league said that? All right. I really don’t care what 30 guys in our league say about me taking the last shot. I’ve got a few game winners in my career. I don’t let teams hang around too much for the last shot. I don’t think the definition of clutch is who takes the last shot. There are guys who come through for their teams in different circumstances.” Now I’m not saying Lebron isn’t clutch but it has been times that he hasn’t came through when needed or he has given up the moment and passes it up, however LeBron is shooting 48 percent and is 6-of-14 with game-tying or go-ahead shots in last 24 seconds of the game in the playoffs only Michael Jordan percentage is higher with 47 percent on 7-15 and Kobe is 28.3 percent on 5-22 now here we look beyond the stats and dig much deeper into it. So lets take a look, Michael Jordan is just simply the greatest of all time there is no debating that, he’s known for coming through in the clutch and making those tough shots when needed. Kobe Bryant the Black Mamba himself is also known for being clutch, he wants the ball in his hands at the last second,because he knows what he can do with it like he’s done many times, however with LeBron James he isn’t known to much for being clutch more so shying away from the big shot, he either passes it or lets Dwyane Wade handle it which in times it came off like he was just simply scared to shoot I don’t know why and no one will ever know but we do know now he is no longer scared to shoot that last second shot nor does he shy away from the big stage and come up small, however one of the anonymous player had a good point, LeBron isn’t a good free throw shooter and that’s one of his very few flaws to his game and if you need some clutch free throws I don’t know if he’s the person  you would want shooting the free throws,just two seasons ago he was shooting 63 percent from the line in the “clutch” now I know you aren’t taking a lot of free throws then but most elite players do show up for the big free throws and that’s a big down fall for him and he has yet to shoot over 78 percent from the line in his career. But this subject is unfair towards LeBron because he’s always been criticized about being clutch when sometimes he doesn’t need to be clutch in the 4th when he’s been clutch throughout the game so it doesn’t have to come down to having to make a last second shot or such.


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