Was Dez Bryant Wrong?

Cowboys had a really rough time yesterday during the game, they blew a lead and let the Detroit Lions win 31-30. During the game Dez Bryant couldn’t stress enough that he was open to offensive coaches and Tony Romo, Then at the end of the game he goes nuts on the sideline because the Lions had just scored and the fact they should have won that game.  You can look at this two different ways, one would be he is being immature and acting like a child or another Terrell Owens, always wanting the ball in his hand, another way to look at it is that he only got the ball 3 times and only targeted 6 times, with him being your number one wide out he feels like he should have gotten the ball thrown to him more and if you look at Tony Romo stats he completed only 14 passes out of 30  which is a little under 50 percent which means the passing game wasn’t as good as it could be and im sure he’s looking at it like he should get the ball a little more if Tony Romo is throwing the ball and throwing incomplete passes, However I wouldn’t read too much into this whole drama, he’s just someone who is very passionate about winning and is on a quest to win.


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