Biggest Questions Going Into The NBA Season

The NBA season gets under way tonight, with some big match ups like Chicago Bulls vs Miami Heat ,and Los Angeles Clippers vs Los Angeles Lakers. This season will be a good season so many things going on this might be one of the best seasons the NBA has seen.

Will the Miami Heat win their 3rd ring in a row and become a dynasty? If Dwyane Wade is healthy and goes back to his “Flash” days no one can beat them simple as that, Lebron is just the best player in the NBA and can’t be stopped he is just too elite for any team, but the big if in this is can Dwyane stay healthy? We don’t know if he can stay healthy his knees just don’t hold up, but I do believe this team may win their 3rd ring.

Is Derrick Rose back? Derrick Rose sat out all of last year after tearing his ACL in the playoffs in 2012. In the Preseason he looked really good and he will continue to keep getting better and back into to his groove throughout the season, with him on the Bulls and Tom Thibodeau coaching and being the best defensive coach in the NBA, this team can be very dangerous and may even be able to beat the heat. I do believe Derrick Rose will win another MVP this season.

Will Oklahoma City Thunder finally get over the hump? With Russell Westbrook being out for a good amount of the season how will they do? They may not get first or second in the conference but I do believe they will be a third seed team, This season I just don’t see them getting back to the finals and actually winning it this year. Kevin Durant is the best scorer in the NBA but that wont get them but so far and even though Russell plays a really big part of this team, it just wont be good enough to get to the finals.

Can the Brooklyn Nets live up to the hype? During the offseason they managed to bring in Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce through trade and sign Andrei Kirilenko, with all these people they have expectations to live up to but I believe most of the hype is on the rookie head coach Jason Kidd, since he has this team to work with there’s no reason why they don’t live up to the hype.

Dwight Howard finally in the right spot? He signed to the Houston Rockets during this offseason to team up with James Harden, are they going to win a championship down in H-town? I believe this team at best is really good they have many good pieces that they put together but at best they are  a 4th or 5th seed team and gets beat in the 2nd round of playoffs

Stephen Curry is going to reach Elite status? Last season he took a big step towards being elite and in the playoffs he played very well, the 3rd quarter was his quarter. I believe he will finally reach that level this season and with this team he has to work and picking up Andre Iguodala  makes this team even better than last year and I expect for them to do very well this year.

How will the Lakers survive without Kobe? With Kobe Bryant out after tearing his Achilles This team wont be that good and even with him he can only do but so much, This team just isn’t what we are used to, this isn’t the Lakers we always knew for many years and ultimately they wont even make the playoffs this season will be a disappointment for the Lakers fan. Should look forward to 2014-2015 Season where there is hope to bring in Carmelo Anthony to help this team.


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