Game One Flashback

Remember just 6 years ago on June 5th 2008 Boston Celtics vs Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA Finals Paul Pierce had to be carried off the court for what it appeared to be a bad knee injury. At one point halfway through the tunnel they had to get a wheelchair to put him in so they could get to the back room to do further evaluations on him, but what’s amazing about this is he manage to come back and actually produce to help win this game, and ultimately the series.

Much like Paul Pierce Lebron James had to be carried off the court, because he couldn’t walk; the cramps got the best of Lebron, he said “My body failed me”. He had to sit by and watch his team lose, while he wasn’t able to do anything he was busy trying to get rid of his cramps but had no luck. I would say both Paul Pierce and Lebron James exaggerated their injuries a little bit too much.


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