Bad News NBA


Many reports are going around that the Miami Heat will be targeting Carmelo Anthony. If this is true then this would dismantle the NBA. I don’t think I will ever understand why these superstars in the NBA feel the need to team up with each other to win a championship, I find it taking the easy way out and not having to compete against each other. I think that’s the thing behind this, these players are scared to compete against each other. Till this day I still disagree with LeBron teaming up with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, even though they managed to go 2-2 in their four-year run, I felt like he took the easy way out by teaming up with at the time two top ten players. Dwyane Wade has gotten older and close to retirement, Chris Bosh played good up until NBA Finals.LeBron actually was the only person to show up in the Finals and actually the  Miami Heat are the oldest team in the NBA at 30.4.The Heat do need to get younger and more pieces I believe before trying to get Carmelo they need to fill the point guard position, as Mario Chalmers played awful and showed he isn’t a starting point guard  they should attempt to get Kyle Lowry is one of the most underrated point guards in the NBA averaging almost 18 points per game with 7.4 assist per game, this could really help the Heat in so many ways.  I do believe the Miami Heat could use some help but bringing in another superstar player would be good for the team, but overall as a league and fan base of the NBA this would be very bad news.


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