Malice at the Palace

Ten years ago today a Brawl went down in that would have forever changed the NBA. The Indiana Pacers visited the Detroit Pistons, everything was going well during the game it was a good game, the Pacers were winning 97-82 then late 4th quarter with 45.9 seconds left in the game Ben Wallace gets the ball and goes up to a lay up he gets fouled hard by Ron Artest, Ben Wallace didn’t like that foul and pushed Ron Artest which led to both teams coming off the bench to defend their teammates.After the coaches separated the two teams everything seemed like it was going to be good until someone in the crowd threw a beer at Ron Artest when he was on the scorer table, and that led to Ron Artest going into the crowd punching a fan and Stephen Jackson joining him to help him out. This started another fight with the fans running on the court throwing punches and throwing drinks and food on the Indiana Pacers. I believe the Detroit Pistons fans started this fight when many people try to blame Ron Artest for this but he played his part in this brawl.


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